Social media marketing – getting it right

As you know people are spending more and more time on social media. They’re linking, sharing, interacting and exchanging information like never before. Social Media can be a great tool for businesses, whether you are small and large, a start-up or an established businesses.

With social media, you can talk directly to your customers and potential customers, share interesting content, build trust, understand your customers better and reach more people.

You know all this already, you’ve read numerous articles and blogs on how to grow your numbers (and 101 other things about the right images, how to do videos, the best time to post etc..) but it isn’t working and you’re wondering should you just give up.

Don’t – instead have a rethink on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. The most common mistakes I see with businesses is that they think social media will drive sales (it doesn’t happen as much as people say it does; it drives awareness which may lead to sales) and they treat it like typical advertising.

Remember – Don’t talk at people & don’t sell to them.

It’s meant to be a dialogue exactly like you’d talk to friends and family – If you have a coffee shop, you shouldn’t keep saying “Buy our coffee, it’s the best coffee in Ireland”. Try stuff like “What’s your favourite coffee?” “When’s the best time to have a coffee?”, events in the local area that would be of interest to your customers, sharing photos of what happens when you don’t have a coffee etc… See what they like and engage with and do more of that, lots more of that.

It will take time to grow your social media presence (and remember it’s not about the number of likes, engagement is more important). Before you dive in and spend time and money, think about what you want to achieve and then figure out how to do it.

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