Why Us?

Specialise in helping business owners feel more confident & in control of their marketing strategy.

Over 25 years marketing experience.

Worked with hundreds of Irish businesses getting them to the next level.

Proven track record.

Small business marketing expert.

In-depth knowledge of different industries in the Irish market;

Food & Drink





Professional Services

Marketing Eye has one key goal and that is to help you grow your brand and drive business growth by using the best marketing tools for your business. 

Specialist areas:

  • Depending on your needs and business stage, work directly with Una in a way that suits you and your business;
    * Marketing Consultancy.
    * Marketing Coaching.
    * Marketing Mentoring.
  • Working with SMEs and entrepreneurs to identify the most appropriate markets and/or segments to enter and the required messaging & positioning to create differentiation.
  • Strategy & Planning - Developing marketing strategy and marketing plans for SMEs for a strong ROI.