How to create interesting content by using the Buyer’s Journey

Understand the Buyer's Journey

No matter what type of product or service people are looking for, customers typically follow a similar pattern in their purchasing decision (often called the buyer’s journey). If you understand the stages of the buyer’s journey, you can provide the right information to prospective customers at the right time and engage them much earlier than your […]

Defining your ideal customer

Which on his your ideal client?

Promoting and marketing your product or service to everyone is often very ineffective.   I understand the logic of thinking there might be a bigger opportunity with a wider market so lots of start-ups try to target a broad section of the market (e.g. all women) instead of a specific niche (e.g women aged between […]

Develop your small business marketing plan by setting marketing goals

eDSet Marketing Goals

“Goals. There’s no telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There’s no telling what you can do when you believe in them. And there’s no telling what will happen when you act upon them.”  Jim Rohn   There are many reasons why small businesses reach out to us. Often they’re looking for […]

Do I need a marketing plan for my small business?

Marketing plan for small business

I get it – you’d prefer to be doing anything other than developing a marketing plan. Of course, you can wing it but what usually happens is your marketing looks like a mix of tactics and tools from a variety of in-house and external sources.  On a good day, you won’t truly know what’s working […]

Top 3 reasons why your marketing isn’t working

Small Business Marketing To do list

Clients usually call me when they’re stuck with their marketing. They have a great service/product but they’re having trouble finding new customers. They’ve tried all sorts of marketing tactics but just can’t get results (or aren’t getting the results for the time and money being spent).  Does this sound familiar? I have worked with hundreds […]

How much does a marketing plan cost?

One of the first questions businesses and potential start ups want to know when they get in contact is: “How much does a marketing plan cost?” All business owners or those just starting out know they need a marketing plan to grow but many are afraid the cost of a plan will drive it outside […]

How do I write a small business marketing plan for my small business?

How to write your small business marketing plan guide

Every business (no matter how small or how long established) needs to do marketing. You can do it as you go along but I wouldn’t recommend it for business survival and growth. A small business marketing plan won’t guarantee sales and revenue but a good, well researched plan will give you a better chance to […]