Are you the same as your competitors?

It’s a simple question but also a profoundly difficult question. Be honest and answer it. If you are the same as your competitors, why would customers choose you? Is it because you are shouting the loudest? Nothing wrong with that if you can afford to keep shouting the loudest and want to spend your hard earned money that way. But if you can’t, you need to do something about making your business be different and standing out from the competitors. The world is getting nosier all the time and what actually works in a noisy environment isn’t more noise but finding customers who will tell other people about your amazing business.

If you think you are different from your competitors, how are you actually different?

Even more important, is that difference actually important to your customers? I have worked with lots of companies who insist that being local is what makes them different but when you asked their customers, they didn’t rate the local aspect at all (in many cases, they didn’t even realise the businesses were local). Ask your customers if they think you are different and why. Use that terminology in your marketing message (not what you think should be in it).

If you’re not different (or different enough), you need to spend time figuring out how you can be different for a group of people that no one else is catering for and make it true.

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