Feeling totally overwhelmed with your marketing? Get it under control

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With so much different advice and guides around, I bet you’re confused on what marketing you should be doing and what marketing you should be dumping? Each business is different so what is working for ABC, may not work for you. So don’t just follow the latest trend or copy what your competitor is doing. […]

Do I need a marketing plan for my small business?

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I get it – you’d prefer to be doing anything other than developing a marketing plan. Of course, you can wing it but what usually happens is your marketing looks like a mix of tactics and tools from a variety of in-house and external sources.  On a good day, you won’t truly know what’s working […]

Top 3 reasons why your marketing isn’t working

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Clients usually call me when they’re stuck with their marketing. They have a great service/product but they’re having trouble finding new customers. They’ve tried all sorts of marketing tactics but just can’t get results (or aren’t getting the results for the time and money being spent).  Does this sound familiar? I have worked with hundreds […]

How much does a marketing plan cost?

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One of the first questions businesses and potential start ups want to know when they get in contact is: “How much does a marketing plan cost?” All business owners or those just starting out know they need a marketing plan to grow but many are afraid the cost of a plan will drive it outside […]