Feeling totally overwhelmed with your marketing? Get it under control

With so much different advice and guides around, I bet you’re confused on what marketing you should be doing and what marketing you should be dumping?

Each business is different so what is working for ABC, may not work for you. So don’t just follow the latest trend or copy what your competitor is doing. But how do you find out what you should be doing?

My advice is to take the time to understand the basics / the foundations of your marketing – don’t skip this step – it’s like building a house without knowing who would want to buy it.

These are the building blocks to every successful business I’ve ever worked with;

  • Do you know who your ideal client is? For help with this, see https://www.marketingeye.ie/defining-your-ideal-customer
  • Does your ideal client understand why they should pick you & your products/services and not a competitor’s?
  • Is your message right for your audience?
  • Is your message converting them?
  • Are you creating content that will take them on a buyer’s journey with you?

Your message starts with your ideal client and their problem. Great messages have the following components;

  • They get to the point fast.
  • They take the customer’s viewpoint.
  • They use familiar language – not jargon.
  • They feel informal.
  • They sound original.
  • They have immediate meaning.

Your message is your chance to:

  • Grab your target audience’s attention.
  • Explain how you will solve their problem.
  • Explain why they can trust your business

Key takeaway =  your marketing message should convince your audience to do business with you.

Focus on showcasing your business’ individuality, create an emotional connection, and clearly showing your customers what’s in it for them.

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