What is a marketing coach?

Lots of small businesses make the common mistake of thinking marketing isn’t that important or they try and do it all themselves. Then they often panic or feel overwhelmed. Ring a bell?

It doesn’t have to be this way. The easiest way to learn how to market your brand and grow your business is with a little help from a marketing coach (very affordable way to get marketing expertise).

There is lots of confusion around marketing consultants and marketing coaches and knowing which one is best for your business. In this blog, I hope you help you get some insight on the following;

  • What is a marketing coach?
  • What does a marketing coach do?
  • What can a marketing coach do for my business?
  • Difference between a marketing consultant and a marketing coach


What is a marketing coach?

Not many small businesses have the funds to hire someone to do their marketing. Most businesses have to do some or all the marketing themselves. The problem is most owners are not marketers by trade (in fact many hate it!) and they have limited knowledge of how to structure & implement their marketing. This is where a marketing coach comes in. The goal of marketing coaching is to arm you, with the skills you need to overcome marketing challenges and continue scaling your business (whether it is to continue to do it yourself, outsource certain elements, upskill in new areas or hire a particular skillset).


What does a marketing coach do?

Basically the help you with speed bumps and blind spots;

  • Speed bumps are common when starting or building a business and can really slow down your growth. A marketing coach can help you remove those speed bumps quickly and easily, and go further, faster.
  • Blind spots – everyone has them in their business.  Your blind spots cost you money, effort, time and peace-of-mind. Having a marketing coach who who can point out how your marketing is actively hindering your progress and ways to fix them is invaluable.


What can a marketing coach do for my business?

  • Get affordable access to an expert in marketing.
  • Get feedback on your marketing plans.
  • Get support creating SMART marketing plans.
  • Get accountability in implementing your plans.
  • Get a fresh perspective on your business.


What’s the difference between a marketing consultant and a marketing coach

Consulting is about using my expertise to provide you with a plan based on my analysis of your business, your market place, your positioning and your situation. It is a much more involved process where I spend time researching the business and providing a strategic plan for you. The choice between the two generally comes down to budget. In coaching, you do the work outside of the sessions and use the coaching as an accountability tool and feedback mechanism for your business. In consultancy, I do the work. For more information on what to expect from a marketing consultant, check out my blog https://www.marketingeye.ie/what-to-expect-from-a-marketing-consultant/


I’m a straight talking marketing consultant and coach who gets the job done.

With over 25 years marketing experience and having worked with over 1,000 SME clients, I can help. Depending on your budget, you’ll know whether you need a consultant or a coach.

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