Tips on getting the most of of social media

Want to really get your social media rocking?

– Use social media before your launch
Share, help and connect, it’s not a sales channel. Think local and like minded and share your journey.

– Vary your posts
Use plenty of images and have a bit of fun. Only use some of your posts for promoting your product. Show the behind the scenes, people like to see the person behind the product/brand.

– Be yourself but show your USP
Be clear on how you’re different/better but show your passion, personality & knowledge.

– Learn from social media pages you love
Why do you engage with them? Learn from them and adapt if you can for your page.

– Get reviews by local bloggers and journalists
This will drive growth and exposure so identify them early and engage with them. Start local, then regional and then go for national.

– Do it everyday
Update every day and engage to customers and people you’ve connected with.

– Get your team behind the social media brand
Encourage your team to get involved.

It’s a great tool especially for start up’s with a limited budget so get started and get your brand rocking.

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